Individual Counseling

Feeling overwhelmed and discouraged? Looking to improve your relationships, or make positive career changes?

Individual counseling can get you on the right path!

Life is busy, complicated, and at times, it can be quite challenging.  Frankly, it can sometimes be a real mess!  We can often end up feeling stuck and unable to maneuver through our daily challenges. We can become overwhelmed and discouraged with our relationships, our jobs, and even our children. This overwhelming sense that things aren’t working the way we wanted or expected them to can devolve into depression, fear, anger or anxiety.Man sitting alone on bench

Beyond these day-to-day challenges, we may also have experienced some trauma. This can have long-term negative effects on our mental health, overall well-being and how we experience the world. Trauma can come from an ongoing uncomfortable experience, a specific violent event or from environmental events outside our control. No matter what occurred, it can be very difficult to escape the grip of negative emotions surrounding those kinds of experiences.

On the other hand, you may have a sense that your life is not fulfilling, or you are not reaching your full potential. When feelings like this arise, it can be a good time to seek counseling, so you can steer yourself onto path that is more satisfying and joyful. Seeking counseling is a great way to take steps toward discovering your best life.

With the help and support that comes with individual counseling, it truly is possible to get out of these lackluster and sometimes harmful cycles, moving into a more resilient and empowered place. Through individual counseling, we help you address the issues and concerns you are confronted with, exploring the options available to you.

At Greater Hartford Counseling Center, we support you in developing coping skills that work for you. We are passionate about helping you collect tools, develop strategies and create an effective plan for a happier, healthier and more resilient life experience.

To request a free 15 minute consultation please contact Greater Hartford Counseling Center at (860) 571-4646 , or email