Family Counseling

Illness or financial difficulties?

Do you want your family life to feel more calm and loving?

Are you interested in finding more effective ways to communicate?

Family counseling can offer solutions to your family’s discord!

Every family has a unique dynamic fed by both everyone’s individual personality and interactions among family members. This is true if you are a couple with one child or a large extended family all living under one roof. Sometimes, stress, trauma or loss affecting the family can throw the balance of this dynamic off, creating problems, challenges and even obstacles. Keeping a family healthy and functioning well is not easy, but, at Greater Hartford Counseling Center, we work with you to achieve the peace and balance within your family system you want and deserve.

In family counseling, we work with you to help develop more effective ways of communicating with one another, interact more effectively and to resolve conflicts more creatively. Our counseling sessions might include all of your family members, just those most able to participate, or some combination. We will work with you to develop the most effective plan for change based on your family’s unique dynamic and circumstances. Family therapy can be very useful when confronted with specific issues such as:

  • communication problems
  • anger management
  • conflict resolution
  • coping with lose
  • financial distress

One of the powerful benefits of family counseling is the objective insights that our counselors can provide to help negotiate challenging issues and what may feel like overwhelming concerns. With your counselor, you will look into your family’s ability to effectively express thoughts and feelings, as well as your facility with problem solving. We will also examine your unique family roles, rules and behavior patterns so we can identify what issues may be feeding your conflicts. Once we figure out the source of the challenges, we can come up with strategies overcome those challenges. Your counselor can help you embrace your family’s strengths, and challenge your weaknesses, turning obstacles into an opportunity for growth.

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