Transition, Change and Understanding

Often when we are in state of transition and change, whether it’s around relationships, career or even within ourselves, we encounter obstacles to our growth. Sometimes these challenges are outside of us and sometimes we create them. Examining those obstacles, coming to better understand them and change self-defeating behavior patterns keeping them in place is just part of the work we will do together. The therapeutic relationship is a place where you can effectively unpack the source of your struggle, come to resolution and find greater peace.

Coping with Change and Overcoming Trauma

In addition to fear and self-doubt, our difficulties can be the result of some trauma we’ve experienced. Trauma is a big word, and we typically associate it with a big life event, but, in truth, trauma can come to us in small ways, and often does. The loss of a job, the unanticipated end of a relationship or even the consequences of a car accident can stay with us in unexpected ways. Counseling provides you with a safe, nonjudgmental setting where you can explore your experience and create a more positive, evolutionary outlook.

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Dr. David Hovey

Dr. David Hovey, PsyD, LPC

Jim Angelo LMSW

Jim Angelo, LMSW

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What Should I Expect From My Counselor?

Your counselor is a trusted confidant who will encourage you to engage your authentic self honestly, openly and with compassion. He or she is a guide, helping you to discover the richness of your unique path, finding your distinct voice and place in the world. This journey is yours, but sometimes we need someone to clear the way to a more fulfilling life.

What If Confronting My Problems Makes Me Feel Worse?

Everyone’s experience of counseling is different. The simple fact that you have taken the step to explore you options and challenge yourself to create a better life says you are ready for what lies ahead. Counseling can be a struggle, especially if you are confronting thoughts and feelings you’ve been avoiding for some time. The result, however, is growth and, just like a new shoot coming out of the ground in the spring or a butterfly escaping its cocoon, the result of that struggle will very likely be something more beautiful than you could have imagined.

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Shouldn’t I Be Able to Handle My Problems On My Own?

We’d all like to be self-sufficient, but sometimes we are simply too close to a problem or challenge to meet it effectively. Counseling is not a place where you come to be told what to do, or give away your power. It’s a place for you to get help in figuring out what’s best for you and put it into action. Change comes from within. Counseling is simply the catalyst for bringing out what’s already inside of you that you just can’t yet see.